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Photo Diary: London Part 1

A weekend spent in the heart of London with my amazing friend, Ian, who happened to be on scheduled on a business trip just when it was time for me to depart to Berlin. And because we can, we made the most out of a spontaneous weekend with happy stomaches, sore feet from walking through never ending streets, and an unforgettable nightlife spent together amongst Londoners.

Baltimore, Maryland

Sometimes you need to live on the edge of things and take a risk. On the edge of the harbor in Baltimore, taken by my friend Jess, (whom I practically kidnapped or) who agreed to join me on this adventure without knowing if the odds were in her favor. Not to mention that Jess and I were on the verge of being completely broke half way into our trip, but at least we have memories of eating fresh peanut butter sandwiches for three days in a row.

// Photos: Jessica Muljadi